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Free activity taster event for over 60's

Hopefully, many of you will be able to join in the taster on January 17th … and in the programs that will follow.  We recognize that this will include those who are already involved in exercse-type programs as well as those who have recently avoided such commitment (me included).  The emphasis will be on what each person needs to work toward…. what activities sound attractive …. or do-able…. and an approach that can includes talks on nutrition, diet, motivation, and other related topics.  The taster is part of Go Active Gold, funded by Sport England and the Lottery and administered through the the South Oxfordshire County Council.    Click on "read more" and see attached poster for further details.

Come and Sing in the Church!

We have an offer from a professional singing teacher, Stephanie Pirrie, of a full morning singing workshop in the Beckley church (most likely a Saturday morning) which we hope can be held as soon as possible.  The cost of the workshop would be approximately £20 per person.  This could, if we get support for the idea, lead to regular singing (perhaps one evening a week?) to be led either by a professional teacher or y members of the group.
Do come and sing in our beautiful church!  Quite apart from being fun, it is, I'm told, good for mental and physical health!