Beckley and Stowood, Oxfordshire

New presentation style for our website...Welcome to the new presentation style for the Beckley & Stowood website! See the front page article for details.

The Beckley website is designed to:

  • help keep villagers informed of local activities
  • help ex villagers in touch with their old village
  • inform visitors of local services
  • help new arrivals get to know our community quickly
  • provide villagers with the ability to contribute directly to the site


Please click here to see how you can contribute to our site. We look forward to seeing your contribuitions!

The Beckley Village website team.

As planned, we have implement a new presentation style for the Beckley & Stowood website. This change does not affect the content of the webite or how it is organised which remain as before. Only the style of presentation has changed.


While the change has been necessary to fix a problem that we could not resolve with the previous style, we hope that the new style will help to improve the readability of the website.


As always, comments are welcomed to