Beckley and Stowood, Oxfordshire

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the proposed Oxford to Cambridge Expressway which is promoted by Highways England; any correspondence on this should be sent to

The response by Oxfordshire County council sent  12th April 2018 was:

Oxford to Cambridge Expressway – Oxfordshire Response on Corridor Preferences Read more about Oxford-Cambridge Expressway: Oxford County Council response (Ian Hudspeth)

Dear Friends

Following the recent meeting in Horton-cum-Studley Village Hall, we have put together some information to help you to write to your local Councillors and MPs about the proposed S2 route for the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway, near Oxford.  Please do write to as many as you can. Their names and address are at the end of the letter.  If you know any other influential people, please do try to involve them as well.

We have concentrated on the implications of the S2 route for wildlife. The information we provide is not exclusive and we encourage you to investigate further.

Please try to do this before April 12th, which we believe is the deadline for the decision on the preferred route.

Best wishes,

Fran Ashcroft and David Rogers Read more about Oxford-Cambridge Expressway: Information to support why the S2 route should not be selected

Michael Tyce of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE - and Peter Rutt of the Oxfordshire Expressway Action Group (OEAG - attended a packed meeting of villagers from Horton cum Studley and surrounding villages, including Beckley, that could be affected by the prosposed Oxford-Cambridge Expressway and the associated large-scale housing developments. The meeting was held in Horton cum Studley's Millenium Hall on Thursday 22nd March 2018.

Various presentation materials from the meeting and from other sources are given below.

OEAG Meeting Agenda and Slides

Please click on the image below or on the link to the attached document to view the agenda and slides

Read more about Oxford-Cambridge Expressway: CPRE and OEAG