Beckley Village Hall 150 Club - Prizes Increased!

In view of the numbers of new families coming into the village, an update on the 150 Club now seems appropriate both as to its purpose and to the prizes.

It was formed about 15 years ago to support the old Village Hall and its Committee who seemed to spend an inordinate amount of their time running fundraising events purely to keep up with the maintenance of the fabric……and there was a lot of that! Initially. It was well supported but this tailed off about 5-6 years ago.

Now that we have built a new Hall, the needs have changed somewhat. Whilst new equipment will be required to provide for a wider range of activities, building up reserves for the inevitable maintenance and replacements in the future remains the important reason for the Club's continuation and expansion. Please support us in this endeavour.

Peter Carter has run the administration of the Club for as long as I can remember but has now resigned for personal reasons. He should be thanked both for his dedication to the task and for his flawless record keeping. Having assisted Peter over the last few years I have taken on the admin currently.

The detail: The subscription cost is £12 per share per full year which enables participation in a monthly prize draw. 50% of the subscription income is re-distributed as prizes which, this year, will be:

                                                First prize - £30

                                                Second prize - £20

                                                Third prize - £15 (an increase of £5 from last year)

                                                Fourth prize - £10

Additionally: Because of the higher number of subscriptions sold this year, we are able to increase the December prizes by £10 each respectively, so, for example, a first prize of £40 - just in time for Christmas!  What better reason to join?

Innovations: Payment by BACS as well as cash and cheques has been introduced. We'll also be using random number generation software to make the monthly draw.…woooo!

Finally, thanks to all existing and to new subscribers for their support. The greatly increased numbers of households participating is hugely appreciated and as you will have seen, has given us a larger prize fund to distribute.


1st Prize - £30

2nd Prize - £20

3rd Prize - £15

4th Prize - £10

April 2017

Kate Kelly

Vivienne Pearson

Tom Carruthers

Crispin Branfoot

May 2017

John Walsh

Joan Ring

John Wing

Denise Watson

June 2017

Kerstin Bowsher

Kate McMichael

Liz Reis

Ali Kealy

NB. Remember that you have to be in it to win it!  To enable us to increase the prize fund further, new subscribers are positively welcome to join at a pro-rata rate for the balance of the subscription year, namely, untill end March ’18. See contact details below.

Ted Cloke                               Tel: 01865 358881