A BIG Event - Burns Night Supper - January 28th 2017

The first event held in the new Village Hall was organised by volunteers from Beckley Interest Group (BIG - geddit?) led by Ann Henman and Judy Bushrod. To name everybody involved would be invidious but, suffice to say, we were not short of labour and the evening ran like clockwork!

112 people attended, including 8 teenagers recruited from the village as helpers. They were fed (and paid) for their work - so the new hall is creating employment!  Apparently, they also had Fun!

On arrival, guests were served a glass of Cava and Canapés and when seated, a welcoming address was given by Geoff Mills (for the Village Hall) and David Scott (Chairman of the Parish Council).  At this point, the Haggis was piped in. It was duly addressed and 'mutilated' by Andrew McMichael and the Selkirk Grace delivered by Colin Fergusson.


Our food - Haggis (of course), 'Tatties' and 'Neeps', Cranachan followed by Cheese and Oatcakes. The ceremonials included our Piper (Tim Key), Songs from the Northern Isles (Maeve Bayton) and a particularly good "Toast to the Lassies" (José Ramón Lopez-Portillo).

Poems by Burns were recited by Maggie Faulkner and Gary Chalmers (this, an excellent humorous 'spoof' featured 'The Donald' as its subject - and was earthy and hilarious). James Fairburn, our MC, delivered a solo, sung, item featuring Burns' immortal words. Impressive!

A sing-along-a-Nick Lea with his 'angelic choir' of Debbie Burt, Emma Fergusson and Geoff Henman (including 'Auld Lang Syne, of course) followed by the 'Mega Raffle' (Jan Weller) closed the evening's entertainment. Sales of drinks and the Raffle raised approximately £900 for village hall funds.

The event (and the hall) received a lot of praise from guests and, slightly more than one year after the demolition of the earlier hall, one commented how good it was to see the villagers "getting together again". It did seem that a lot of fun was being had. Raucous? - no, riotous? - tending that way, enjoyable? - most certainly!

Our new hall enables us to accommodate approximately 50% more participants than previously and in greater comfort. Service of food from the much larger kitchen is quicker and allowed us to eat together and ensures that, most importantly, our food was hot - a massive improvement!