Friends of Beckley Community Orchard

Community Orchard event dates and times can be found on the village events page.

If you would like to join the Friends of Beckley Community Orchard please email Peter Ross at

Chairman’s Report 2012

Legal and Admin:

  1. Charity formed by way of deed and trustees appointed
  2. Lease on Constable’s Piece agreed and signed
  3. Charitable status recognised by HMRC
  4. Occupiers liability insurance purchased (donation by Parish Council)
  5. County Council variation of S106 agreement re Constable’s Piece rejected by both trustees and Parish Council

Grant applications:

  1. Application for funding to TOE2 fails because of existence of S.106 agreement. This was despite support from the County wildlife/environment officer and support from the TOE assessor
  2. Trustees have enlisted the support from OCVA to pursue further applications for funds for construction of pedestrian gate with disabled access and field shelter.
  3. Parish Council made a grant for the purchase of four trees
  4. Wolvercote Community Orchard made a grant for the purchase of three trees
  1. Thames Water have made a grant of £350 to establish native fruiting hedge along common boundary

The Orchard:

  1. Scrub and ragwort cleared, grass mowed and sheep introduced (thanks to Chris Cox), and overhanging trees removed
  2. Stock guards constructed (and subsequently raised beds created)
  3. 20 trees purchased (7 as a result of donations, two purchased by Friends of Beckley Community Orchard, and balance given by members of the trustees and management group and attendees at early working groups)
  4. Beehive and colony of bees donated by Ted Cloke to be placed on adjacent land by permission of John and Jo Ovens
  5. Prototype bench created by Neil Durrant from felled poplar trunks
  6. Matt Pether took on role of Orchard Warden
  7. Over 50 household become “Friends of Beckley Community Orchard”
  8. Working parties and opening event held

And Finally:

Thank you to everyone who has helped by way of financial and practical assistance!



Some dates for your diary.

  • Hedge planting at Constables Piece - 10am on Saturday 16th February
  • Working Party on Saturday 2nd March at 10am.


CONTACT Peter Ross 351330 or email:


Beckley Community Orchard

Please feel free to bring your children as the field is enclosed and safe from passing traffic.

Community Orchard Renwal

Dear Friends,



Please find attached a letter from Peter Ross, our chairman, and a Gift Aid Form.

It is so important that members renew their association with Beckley Orchard and if you have new neighbours can I ask you please to forward this on to them.

If you have not had a chance, please visit our orchard at Constables Piece in Otmoor Lane as you will be amazed at the progress made by so many of you who have given up your Saturday mornings each month.


Best wishes

Colin Day


Community Orchard Working Party

We are changing our day for the monthly working party to the second Saturday in the month for this month only.


DATE: 9th November

TIME: 10.30am

VENUE: Constables Piece


Please bring gloves, spades and hammers.


Thank you to all of you who attended our Apple Day at the orchard. For those not able to attend there were displays of cider making/drinking and bee keeping together with apple bobbing and tea/cakes. We were very fortunate as the rain held off until  just after 4pm.


Colin Day