Oxford-Cambridge Expressway: KEY INFORMATION

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CPRE Oxford-Cambridge Expressway: Potential approximate routes


Oxford-Cambridge Expressway: Cllr John Walsh’s e-mail to Chris Grayling and Highways England


Highways England have presented three potential corridors for the Expressway between Milton Keynes and Didcot. A route to the west of Oxford and then following corridor B to Milton Keynes has significant advantages over any route to the south and east of Oxford. It involves less new road and hence will be cheaper and cause less environmental damage. It links with the A40 and A420 allowing West Oxfordshire and Swindon to enjoy direct links into the development arc. It follows the East-West Rail line and frequent interchanges would take full advantage of this.

Routes to the south and east of Oxford pass through a series of historical and environmentally sensitive areas, notably Shotover, Otmoor and Bernwood Forest close to Oxford or the River Thame to the east.

Any route which goes between Wheatley and Oxford would need to pass through or very close to the Shotover Country Park which is a Conservation Target Area, a Nature Reserve and a SSSI. To its east is the Grade 1 listed house and park of Shotover House. To its west is Brasenose Woods which is also a SSSI. There is no room for a route which avoids affecting these sensitive areas. To the south is the village of Horspath, which is densely populated and blocks any other way through. The height of Shotover Hill would mean that any road would be a major engineering undertaking and involve cuttings much wider than the road itself.

Oxford-Cambridge Expressway: OCC Otmoor Division response (Dan Sames)

Dear Messrs Corbett, Stafford and Sporn,

I’m responding to your consultation on the proposed Oxford to Cambridge Express Way. I represent the Otmoor Division on Oxfordshire County Council.

Looking at your consultation document there are 3 potential corridors. I also note that included within your documentation are images showing the constraints, environmental mapping and environmental sites. Your stated assessment suggests that you will be looking at congestion reduction and shorter journey times as well as economic growth aspirations.

Oxford-Cambridge Expressway: 3 x Beckley submissions to the Highways Agency

Beckley has made three submissions to the Highways Agency, covering:

  • Otmoor and the environmental impact of the S2 route
  • The case against Route S2 (contains the other issues)
  • Supporting route S1 (which is widening the existing A34 and is the least worst option for everyone)

To open/download each submission, click on the image below or on the link to the attached document.

Oxford-Cambridge Expressway: Oxford County Council response (Ian Hudspeth)

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the proposed Oxford to Cambridge Expressway which is promoted by Highways England; any correspondence on this should be sent to OxfordtoCambridgeExpressway@highwaysengland.co.uk

The response by Oxfordshire County council sent  12th April 2018 was:

Oxford to Cambridge Expressway – Oxfordshire Response on Corridor Preferences