Beckley and Stowood, Oxfordshire

In respect of the Strategic Envrionemental Assessment (SEA), the following response has been received from Highways England by Horton cum Studley PC.


Dear Ms Foxcroft,

Thank you for your email dated 22 May 2018.  It has been passed to Highways England from Martin Tugwell from the England’s Economic Heartland Strategic Alliance

A strategic environmental assessment (SEA) at this stage of the corridor selection is premature. This early stage of the process does not give rise to a SEA..........Click to read full article

Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling MP

Secretary of State for Transport


Dear Mr Grayling,

On behalf of the parishioners of Beckley and Stowood we wish to express our opposition to Route S2 in Corridor B for the proposed Oxford Cambridge 6-lane Expressway and additional 320,000 + houses, which accompany it.

This route which leaves the A34 south of Oxford, cuts through the Green Belt, somehow circumnavigates Shotover Hill with its Nature Reserve, SSI and Park with a Grade 1 listed building and cuts through more Green Belt land running very close to Sydlings Copse and..........Click to read full article

Please click on the image below to visit the Bucks, Berks and Oxon Wildlife Trust website and see their report recommending that Expressway Corridor B is discounted, and requesting an environmental impact assessment and public enquiry.

Please write to Chris Grayling at the DTA, Michael Gove at DEFRA, expressing your concerns re the Expressway


Highways England have presented three potential corridors for the Expressway between Milton Keynes and Didcot. A route to the west of Oxford and then following corridor B to Milton Keynes has significant advantages over any route to the south and east of Oxford. It involves less new road and hence will be cheaper and cause less environmental damage. It links with the A40 and A420 allowing West Oxfordshire and Swindon to enjoy direct links into the development arc. It follows the East-West Rail line and frequent..........Click to read full article

Beckley has made three submissions to the Highways Agency, covering:

  • Otmoor and the environmental impact of the S2 route
  • The case against Route S2 (contains the other issues)
  • Supporting route S1 (which is widening the existing A34 and is the least worst option for everyone)

To open/download each submission, click on the image below or on the link to the attached document.

..........Click to read full article