Village events

Upcoming (and selected past) events that are happening in our village are listed on the right.

If you have events to add to the list, please let the website manager know or, if you have a user account for the website, you can submit the event directly using the Add content link at the foot of the page.


Beckley Open Day  Sunday 17 June from 2 - 6pm.  Fourteen open gardens; teas, books, CD's,etc; plants; cakes; ice creams; bouncy castle; fair organ; art exhibition in the Church.    Ample free parking.   Adults £6, children 16 and under free if accompanied by an adult.  Profits to go towards maintenance of Beckley's 14th Century church.  

Come and Sing in the Church!

We have an offer from a professional singing teacher, Stephanie Pirrie, of a full morning singing workshop in the Beckley church (most likely a Saturday morning) which we hope can be held as soon as possible.  The cost of the workshop would be approximately £20 per person.  This could, if we get support for the idea, lead to regular singing (perhaps one evening a week?) to be led either by a professional teacher or y members of the group.

Do come and sing in our beautiful church!  Quite apart from being fun, it is, I'm told, good for mental and physical health!  

If you are interested, and the oppotunity is open to anyone,not just those in Beckley and Stowood, please pass this on to friends) send an email to Susy Jepson  When we have gathered names, we will set a date with Stephanie Pirrie and let you all know.



Health and Fitness for Over 60's (and those who plan to be over 60)

Go Active Gold Activities including Tai Chi from 3-4pm Mondays, Nordic Walking 1:30-2:30pm Wednesdays, Senior Circuits 8:30 - 9:30 am Thursdays, and Pilates 1:15-2:15pm Thursdays have begun, with space still open for more to join.

In an effort to help us understand the importance of health and fitness at all ages, and how it is an important component for National Health Care now and in the future, Sir Muir Gray, consultant in Public Health at Oxford University Hospitals, and founding director of the NHS national screening programmes, will broaden our perspective with a talk on Tuesday evening, 24 April.  Doors open 7:30pm.  Place Beckley Village Hall.   Cost £5.