Beckley and Stowood, Oxfordshire



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Street Lighting

If you see that a street light is not working, please report it to the parish clerk or a member of the Parish Council.

Abandoned Cars

The South Oxfordshire District Council is responsible for dealing with abandoned vehicles, i.e. a vehicle that has no current tax, and no known owner. If the vehicle is on private land, they will give the landowner 15 days notice of their intention to remove the vehicle. On a public highway or private land, a 7 day notice will be placed on the vehicle. If a registration number is visible, steps will be taken to trace the owner. If no known owner can be traced, the abandoned vehicle will be disposed of, and the last known keeper charged for its removal and disposal.
If you want to report an abandoned vehicle, you may do so by phoning the Public Amenities team on 01491 823416 or by email to Read more about What to do if...