Presentation slides (Click on the link to download the slides. Note that the files are large and may take a while to download.):

Bayswater Oxford Enquiry by Design - 2 February 2021 Workshop Two FINAL.pdf

Bayswater Oxford - Tuesday 2 Feb 2021 -Hydrology slides.pdf


This was the second workshop from Camargue on behalf of the site promoters of LnBB.


The presentation is attached at the bottom – (the slides are not numbered) and issues that arose at each meeting are listed.


Map of ‘Opportunities and Constraints Landscape’ Map and ‘Green Infrastructure Principles Plan’

  • They have commissioned reports on local landscape including ‘veteran’ trees this that have not been shared with us
  • They discussed felling of some ‘veteran trees’ would be kept to a minimum
  • A new Green Belt boundary was discussed, but there was concern about the adequacy of what was suggested and more detail is required
  • No mitigation was offered for the loss of the Green Belt which is a requirement in the NPPF
  • Andrew Clark (SSJPC) said there was an opportunity to have an imaginative development that blends in with the landscape and even enhances it, but these plans do not take this opportunity.  There was much agreement with this.
  • The proposed Elsfield Road roundabout is in a flood area and would need to be built up and then would become more visible in Oxford View Cone.



  • An archaeological report was carried out on this site but has not been made available
  • A former survey shows at least 21 archaeological sites on LnBB, but only one was discussed and shown in the map – the site of the Roman Villa
  • The site needs to be continually monitored during development
  • The listed buildings include the Grade II* listed well house - at risk, a barn behind it, Wick Farmhouse, 2 sets of gate piers and Stowford farmhouse.
  • The owner, Christ Church, is responsible to ensure that listed buildings are kept in good repair.  The well house and barn both need urgent attention
  • Christ Church/Pegasus show in their Hearing Statement plans to convert the old barn behind the wellhouse into a community centre incorporating other barns nearby.


Flooding And Water Management (Hydrology – separate presentation )

  • “Oct 2020 flooding : is this as a result of Barton Park being raised 10ft above Barton, forcing water across the brook?”
  • The flooding is from water run-off from the fields above, rather than from the brook itself flooding.  Development will exacerbate this.
  • There is extensive flooding along the length of the Bayswater Brook, see slide 2 ‘Baseline modelling’
  • There is a line of ground water springs in the fields
  • The flooding is much more frequent than the presentation suggests
  • “The Brook has burst its banks at least 4 times so far this year- so thinking about 100 year events is pointless”
  • “Will you be able to undertake works to resolve the road flooding outside the LNBB site.  SSJPC will be looking for cycle path from the junction down into Barton and the flooding of the road being resolved, even if this means rebuilding the bridge over the Brook.”
  • They propose having a section of the brook near the roundabout at Elsfield Rd where they will make into a flood bed with meanders – this map is missing
  • “There doesn’t appear to have enough room for houses and a road and a cycle route and green amenity space which isn’t flooded”


Ecological Constraints

  • Reports on flora and fauna were cited, but we haven’t seen these.
  • There was no report on the SSSI
  • “If Howard Fearns' work is currently feeding into the design process, when will we be able to see how this and other data are impacting on current design strategies for the site?”
  • “There would be approx. 2,600+ additional people potentially walking for leisure and much less countryside”
  • “Given that development within 1.5 km of the SSSI is liable to cause irretrievable damage to it, how can these buffers be considered adequate?”
  • The 200 m buffer zone around the SSSI was mentioned as a mitigation policy in the inadequate Ecology Report.  This mitigation is only concerned with  Road Traffic Emissions, although harm to the SSSI can come from other causes such as particulate matter from roads, noise, vibration etc.  The speaker agreed with this. Any mitigation policy has to be agreed with Natural England and this buffer zone has not been and cannot be considered adequate e.g. domestic pets particularly cats kill local fauna. 
  • New footpaths have been proposed to give walkers and dog walkers additional places to walk to help preserve the SSSI from excessive visitors
  • Cutting off the southern footpath through Sydlings Copse would probably be welcome, (and it is very boggy) with new footpaths around the south of the SSSI instead.
  • The views from Barton, Wick Farm, Lower Farm, Stowford Farm need to be considered and from Elsfield village, Stowood and other points along the limestone ridge.
  • Concern was expressed about light pollution to surrounding wildlife.  A dark skies policy was proposed.
  • “Can you describe what is happening to the contaminated land?”