Presentation slides (Click on the link to download the slides. Note that the files are large and may take a while to download.):

Bayswater Oxford - Thursday 4 Feb 2021 - Transport Plans.pdf


This was the third workshop from Camargue on behalf of the site promoters of LnBB.


The presentation is attached at the bottom – (the slides are not numbered) and issues that arose at each meeting are listed.


The modelling for the ‘low car policy’ introduced by Inspector Bore has yet to be carried out by the site promoters working under the advice of Oxfordshire County Council Highways.  Only when this modelling has been carried out will it be known if alleviation of local roads, including the ring road and Headington roundabout will be required. It is highly likely that some alleviation policies will be required and this could be by-passing the ring road and Headington roundabout which may require ‘a link road through the site, which would affect the layout of the whole site.


1st slide –

  • Black arrows show vehicular access to and from the Elsfield and Bayswater Roads - potentially an additional 1,100 + vehicles with no alleviation for local roads
  • Red arrows ‘active modes of access’ means by walking and cycling
    • Access is proposed directly onto the A40 northern bypass ring road for buses, pedestrian and cycles
    • This would require traffic lights on the A40 ring road within a short distance of the exiting traffic lights at the Barton Park access
    • Apart from potential bus accesses in blue most of the crossings of the Bayswater Brook are existing pedestrian or vehicle bridges
  • There are no new cycle routes shown all use existing roads or footpaths/bridleways
  • No bus routes are shown on the LnBB sites all are in Barton or Barton Park


2nd Slide  Pedestrian and Cycle Access - Options for Access at Western End of Site

A pedestrian and cycle bridge over the A40 ring road is required and there must be pedestrian and cycle permeability across the whole LnBB site.  The only current crossings of the ring road are at the Marston flyover, traffic lights at the Barton Park entrance and 2 subways one at the Headington roundabout and another to the west of it.

  • Option 1 – shows a bridge at the Marston flyover, but the flyover already has pedestrian and cycle access
  • Option 2 – is traffic lights and possibly a bridge near the Barton Park entrance.  This is very near existing routes across the A40.


3rd Slide Illustrative JR Hospital Bus Route

This shows a bus route coming out of Barton Park, crossing the dual carriageway ring road, without a route into New Marston, returning from a road near the JR in a  circuitous route through the housing estate in New Marston and crossing the dual carriageway again at a second set of traffic light into LnBB.  It would then take a road down the middle of LnBB housing estate and across a new bridge in a field that floods badly into Barton Village Road and into Barton Park.


4th Slide Illustrative Eastern Arc Bus Route

This shows a bus route crossing the previous one, going from LnBB over the proposed new bridge through the Barton estate to the Headington roundabout.


  • There is no pedestrian or cycle access from the middle of the LnBB site
  • The proposed houses to the east of the LnBB site would have no access to public transport or nearby cycle routes
  • The main road to the east is in an elevated position ( approx. 100 m) which would cause noise pollution to the houses below in LnBB and Barton
  • This part of the main road is also very close to the school.  NICE guidelines advise that roads should avoid schools to reduce pollution and respiratory disease.
  • It crosses a bridleway


5th slide  Option B

This shows an alternative road layout with a ‘edge road’ elevated to the north of the development as well as a ‘central spine’ road.

  • The elevated position above the housing will cause noise pollution in the houses below and in Barton and Barton Park
  • Housing at RD7 just below Sydlings Copse is outside the ‘Site Concept Plan’ and too close to the SSSI
  • The ‘edge road’ crosses 3 existing footpaths/bridleways and one new proposed one
  • The school is surrounded on 3 sides by roads with the potential of pollution and lung damage
  • The proposed new bus route east of Lower Farm is near some ‘Veteran trees’ and they may be damaged or felled by the construction of the roadway
  • There appears to be no road access to RD12 or 13 apart from using a footpath
  • There appears to be no road access to RD 14

Presentation slides (Click on the link to download the slides. Note that the files are large and may take a while to download.):