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This was the fourth workshop from Camargue on behalf of the site promoters of LnBB.  Further planned presentations and workshops were postponed until the modelling for the transport infrastructure have been completed.


At this meeting one the site promoters stated that a ‘no car policy’ would not be possible for this site unless the whole of Oxford was made ‘no car’.  This means that traffic alleviation will be needed.  When a new masterplan has been developed with traffic alleviation and incorporating some feedback it will go out to public consultation.  In the meantime Camargue on behalf of the site promoters (Christ Church, Pegasus and Dorchester Residential) have asked for detailed feedback on their proposals. 

Any feedback would be very welcome as we want to ensure we hear all views.  Please e-mail Ginette Camps-Walsh - g.camps-walsh@beckley-and-stowood-pc.gov.uk with your views, concerns or queries.


The presentations are attached at the bottom – (the slides are not numbered) and issues that arose at each meeting are listed.

The first presentation is an extract only to avoid duplication and only shows new slides.


Extract from Overview Presentation

Design Principles; Landscape

  • Some veteran trees are threatened
  • While the Oxford view cone is protected local views have not been considered
  • Proposed roads cross a number of footpaths and bridleways and it is not clear how these can be used safely.  Pedestrian crossings and traffic lights are required
  • Details of a permanent Green Belt boundary have not been given
  • Play areas next to the main ‘spine road’ would probably not be safe


Design Principles; Placemaking

  • Higher density 4-storey development on the south west of the development on lower land


Community Uses

  • The community facilities at Wick Farm would be next to Wick Farmhouse and very near the mobile home park


Green Space and Sports

  • Needs a range of activities and sports to complement existing ones and to cater for all age groups



  • The plans show no cars, but in fact cars will need to use the same roads as cycles for access
  • No dedicated cycleways or new pedestrian walkways are proposed
  • There are no new pedestrian or cycleways towards Oxford


Affordable Housing

  • 50% affordable housing (80% of local market price)
  • 35% Social Rent
  • 40% Affordable Rent

25% Shared Ownership – opportunity to purchase

Presentation slides (Click on the link to download the slides. Note that the files are large and may take a while to download.):