ImageRichard and Wendy from St Louans enjoying the snow during our Spring[!] supper w/e

Richard, Christope and Jean-Claude on the first visit to Beckley, October 2009 Richard and Wendy from St Louans enjoy the snow during our Spring[!] Supper weekend, March 2013 A methuselah (8 bottles) of wine from St Louans
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Beckley has established in 2009 informal twinning arrangements with the small village of St Louans, part of the commune of Chinon, in the valley of the Loire.  St Louans overlooks the river Vienne and is an important centre for the production of Chinon wine. The aim of the arrangements being made is to foster friendly relations with the members of their village association and to facilitate exchanges and contacts for the inhabitants of both villages.

A small group from St Louans was invited to the autumn supper in 2009 [see the photos on the web, and more in the December newsletter].  Others are expected to join us for the winter warmer in March 2010; similarly, an invitation has been extended to those from Beckley wishing to attend the St Louans summer fete on 5 June 2010.  Social occasions such as these will continue to form a significant part of the twinning.

Meanwhile, discussions continue with the aim of identifying opportunities for other kinds of exchange.   For example, families wishing to arrange exchanges for school age children might be accommodated within the twinning arrangement.

The organising group would also be pleased to hear from anyone who may be able to contribute to the planning or from those keen to participate in events organised in St Louans and in hosting return visits to Beckley.

Please join in!


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