The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and the Parish Council will launch the public consultation on the Neighbourhood Plan on 1st December 2017 until 24th February.   The normal consultation period is 6 weeks, but as this consultation runs over the Christmas holiday we are running it for an additional 7 weeks.   There will also be a public meeting on Tuesday 6th February at 8pm at the village hall with a presentation, questions and answers on the Plan. The whole plan, which runs to approximately 200 pages is divided into 2 sections – the Plan itself (just under 100 pages) and the Evidence Base, which contains the results of all the consultations and feedback and other documents etc.  The most important parts of the Plan are in Section 2. – A Vision for Beckley and Stowood and Section 3. Neighbourhood Plan Policies and these contain the policies that we have already consulted upon. Section 1. contains the history, geography and background information on the Parish, which is interesting and well researched.  There is also a summary document on the policies.


The Plan will be put on the Beckley and Stowood web site from 1st December and there will also be a feedback form for comments.  For those without e-mail or internet access, who wish to read the Plan and comment on it, there will be some hard copies available at the village hall and other community buildings.  You will appreciate these are quite expensive to produce so the number will be limited, but please contact Ginette Camps-Walsh to obtain access to a hard copy or if you have any queries 351762.


After this consultation the Steering Group will incorporate comments and feedback into the Plan.  The amended Plan will then be submitted to South Oxfordshire District Council [SODC], who will run another public consultation.  If it meets legal requirements the Plan will then go to an Independent Examiner. Their recommendations will then be incorporated into the Plan or revisions may be called for.  The final version of the Plan will then be put to a local referendum and if more than 50% approve it will be adopted and become binding.


It is really important to have your feedback on the Plan, to ensure that it reflects parishioners’ views and will help the Parish develop in line with your aspirations in the future.  We look forward to your comments and feedback and thank you in anticipation of your help.

Below is a summary of the Neighbourhood Plan and then the whole Plan dived into 4 sections -

Section 1.1. - Background, History and Geography

Section 1.2. - Character, Constraints, Opportunities and Threats

Section 2. - A Vision for Beckley, Consultations

Section 3. Policies

Please feed back your views on the plan 

on line -

via e-mail to

or by post to Ginette Camps-Walsh, Royal Oak House, Stowood, Beckley, Oxford OX3 9TY