Neighbourhood Development Plan for Beckley and Stowood Parish

What are Neighbourhood Plans?

Neighbourhood planning is part of a new approach to planning introduced by the Localism Act 2011. The new system is designed to be more collaborative and gives communities more powers to shape the future of the places where they live and work.

Neighbourhood Planning is the government's initiative of trying to empower local communities to help make and take forward planning proposals at a local level.  The idea being that local people will drive, and then help to shape, how their local communities grow and develop over the next coming years.

Neighbourhood plans can only be made by one of two groups, towns/parishes or neighbourhood forums.  As our area has parishes, town and parishes will take the lead in pushing them forward.

Neighbourhood Development Plans set out a vision, aims, policies and proposals for the future development of a neighbourhood. If adopted, the neighbourhood plan will be part of the statutory development plan for the area in question.

The local authority and planning inspectors will have to take the plan into account when making planning decisions. This gives the plans more weight than some types of plan, such as parish plans or community plans.

Discovering Our Medieval Past: Beckley and its hinterland in later Middle Ages

Talk by Dr. Elizabeth Gemmill, Beckley resident and Fellow of Kellog College and Department for Continuing Education, Oxford, on Sunday 10 February 7-8:30pm at The Abingdon Arms.   All are invited - from those who want to learn how to gtrace the history of their house or family - to those who want to be able to offer as much as they can to the data to be presented to both the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway proposal - and the proposal of SODC to take the lower part of Beckley and Stowood Parish out of the Green Belt and buld houses and another road.